Listen To Life

Dr. Joey Faucette

What day is it for you?
One of my nieces celebrated her 4th birthday a few years ago.  She and her mom were going somewhere together in their van shortly after her birthday.  And all of a sudden, she says to her mom, “Well, it’s day two.”
“What do you mean, ‘It’s day two?’” the mom asked.
And my niece replied, “It’s day two after my birthday, Mommy!”
She reminds me of my grandfather in his later years.  If he was 86 years old, he would say, “I’m in my 87th year.”
Both my niece and my grandfather celebrated their birthdays by looking forward, excited not just by the day itself, but by the prospects of celebrating life in all of its goodness the entire year.
Now contrast that attitude with the one you get from a lot of people around their birthday.  Some people I know don’t want anyone to acknowledge their birthday much less celebrate it.  They are offended by cards, cakes, and gifts.  Others get depressed.
Every day of life is a gift.  Celebrate each day regardless of when your birthday is as you listen to life and make a positive life.